Why choose StyroMAX?



StyroMAX panels are incredibly strong. They have enormous mechanical advantages: The facings absorb traction and compression forces while the core material resists shear and thrust forces. Being structural, they eliminate the need for either a steel or timber frame within the panel.



Amazingly, StyroMAX panels are extremely lightweight due to our exclusive use of DOW’s Styrofoam (rigid extruded polystyrene) as a core and lightweight European FRP (Fibre reinforced plastic) sheeting. With this, they offer industry leading KG/SQM weight ratios.



Once laminated, each StyroMAX panel becomes a one piece insulated structure. The use of DOW’s Styrofoam as a closed cell core, enables it to resist all forms of water and moisture penetration.



The use of DOW’s Styrofoam in every StyroMAX panel means you won’t have to turn up the heating to full in winter and there will be no need to blast out air-conditioning all summer. This, in turn, will reduce your energy consumption and save you money.



Each StyroMAX panel is 3D modelled. After the panels lamination process, the solid 3D model is sent to our CNC profile centres for trimming. This process provides assurance that your panels are trimmed to exact engineering requirements and tolerances that will aid in the ease of assembly for your build.



StryoMAX panels are UV stable. Our FRP sheeting utilises a top layer gelcoat that improves UV light and weathering resistance.



Due to their construction, StyroMAX panels offer exceptional impact resistance. This means fewer dents and dings and your panel will maintain the new look for years.



With the use of DOW Styrofoam as a closed cell core, StyroMAX panels will not rot, meaning no mould or fungal growth.



StyroMAX panels are easy to clean. Externally, it’s essentially the same as an automobile, wash it often and wax it periodically. Internally, everyday household cleaners can be utilised such as spray and wipe.



The core of any StyroMAX panel can be installed with conduits prior to panel lamination which provides passageways for internal cabling and plumbing. This process is carried out on our CNC profile centre.



Looking for an aerodynamic roof line? StyroMAX panels can easily be bent to follow a given radius. They will also retain their rigidity due to our specific manufacturing process for this kind of application.

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What is StyroMAX

A StyroMAX panel is essentially what’s known as a ‘sandwich panel’. StyroMAX panels consist of two facings and a core (but can also contain other intermediate layers and reinforcements).  The facings are European FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) sheeting and the core, DOW Styrofoam (closed cell, rigid extruded polystyrene).

The components are bonded together using a two component polyurethane adhesive system. One being a polyol resin component and the other, an isocyanate hardener.




The bonding process is carried out on our large, flat bed vacuum tables. The negative pressure these tables create presses the sandwich panel together. In this way, the adhesive is evenly distributed to produce a sandwich panel of a constant thickness.


2013-09-21 08.38.06


After the laminating process, panels that are to be cut are sent to our  CNC profile centres for trimming. A 3D solid model of the panel is sent from our drafting department directly to the CNC router. This solid model file allows the CNC router to carry out its process, ensuring the finished product is trimmed to exact engineering requirements and tolerances.

Panels can be manufactured to a maximum length of 14.4mtr and maximum width of 3.2mtr. Panel thicknesses range from 13mm through to 155mm (O/A).

Panels are initially manufactured in one of three available widths. These widths, (2.5mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.2mtr) are governed by the roll widths of the European FRP sheeting. Panels are manufactured to the closest available roll width initially and then trimmed back after lamination. State of the art nesting programs are also utilised to reduce the amount of waste during production.






Why StyroFOAM


STYROFOAM™ rigid polystyrene foam, produced by The Dow Chemical Company, has many benefits which make it the material of choice for many motorhome and caravan manufacturers.

The blue foam (now grey) – which is also known as XPS (a shorter term for extruded polystyrene!) – has a closed cell structure which gives it excellent insulating properties, long-term resistance against moisture and high mechanical strength.


Why not take a deeper look at how STYROFOAM™ matches up against the specific demands of the leaders in motorhome and caravan manufacturing.

To download the full DOW Brochure, click on the image below.

DOW Styrofoam for caravans_Page_01

For many years the building industry has enjoyed the benefits of insulating with DOW Styrofoam. With the RTM-X extruded polystyrene product from DOW, mobile constructions can now also enjoy these benefits.


StyroMAX produces a number of high quality components direct to many estalished manufacturers Australia wide. Due to our high build standards and durable product we can offer a solution that fits with your warranty conditions and quality assurance standards.

Some of the services and products we offer manufacturers are:


  • Faster construction time. (No complex timber or steel frames required)
  • Reduced body weight. (Due to lightweight composite panelling)
  • Impact resistant panelling. (Due to the use of FRP sheeting)
  • High gloss FRP sheeting to both faces of panelling.
  • Corner trims and service door trims.
  • Internal panel conduits. (For cable routing)
  • Repetitive manufacturing.
  • Fast production turn-around. (Trade priority)
  • CAD production drawings. (Via 3D solid modelling)
  • CNC cut panels. (2 x 14.5mtr x 3.5mtr and 1 x 9mtr x 3.5mtr CNC profile cutting centres)
  • Full back-up and support. (Accident repair gel coat always available)


2013-09-21 07.57.15


StyroMAX offers a number of solutions for the Do It Yourself enthusiast.

Here’s some of the reasons why StyroMAX panels and products are great

for a DIY solution:


  • Full flat pack panel set for your rolling chassis.
  • Easy construction. (No complex timber or steel frames required)
  • Reduced body weight. (Due to lightweight composite panelling)
  • Impact resistant panelling. (Due to the use of FRP sheeting)
  • High gloss FRP sheeting to both faces of panelling.
  • Corner trims and service door trims available.
  • Internal panel conduits. (For cable routing)
  • Entry doors, service doors and windows available.
  • 3D solid modelling of your sketches. (See your plans come to life before you construct)
  • CNC cut panels. (2 x 14.5mtr x 3.5mtr and 1 x 9mtr x 3.5mtr CNC profile cutting centres)
  • Terostat MS939 by Henkel. (Construction adhesive for your build)
  • Full back-up and support. (Accident repair gel coat always available)




Repairing or re-cladding an old RV?

Need some polystyrene for insulation or a crafting project?

Looking for some fibreglass sheeting for a project?



  • High gloss FRP sheeting. (White RAL9016)
  • 3 FRP sheet widths to choose from. (2.5mtr, 3.0mtr & 3.2mtr)
  • 3 FRP sheet thicknesses to choose from. (1.5mm, 2.0mm & 2.4mm)
  • Cut to any length off the roll.
  • Extruded polystyrene foam boards for insulating.
  • 7 foam board thicknesses to choose from. (25mm,35mm,40mm,45mm,50mm,75mm,100mm)
  • Adhesive for smaller recladding and insulating projects. (Terostat MS939 by Henkel)
  • Adhesive in bulk for larger recladding and insulating projects.  (2 part Macroplast by Henkel)
  • White RAL9016 gel coat for accident repairs.
  • Australia wide shipping.
  • Small order specialists.
  • Fast order processing.

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Southern Cross Logo

Thanks Steve, John & StyroMAX, for working tirelessly with us to evolve the quality and functionality of our products. Your attention to detail, quick supply on short notice, and ongoing support has been beneficial for our ongoing success, and ensures our customers receive the best quality 5th Wheelers on the Australian market.

We appreciate all your support, and trust we will continue to have a long and prosperous relationship with you and your company for years to come.

John Beattie.


5th Wheel Caravans


     “Home of Southern Cross RVs & JR Easy Traveller Horse Floats”

19 Nestor Drive Meadowbrook  QLD,  4131

ABN :  16 092 182 271     PH :  (07) 3200 9753      FAX :   (07) 32008999

  WEB : www.southerncrosscaravans.com.au

Roswal Trailers

 We’ve been using StyroMAX panels to construct our RV’s for many years.

We believe they are the best fibreglass insulated composite panel available on the market today!

Looking forward to continue working with the guys from StyroMAX on future projects.

Danny Voyka.


Where The Quality Speaks For Itself

66 Railway Parade Loganlea  QLD,  4114

ABN :  85 114 804 223     PH :  (07) 3200 4943      A/H :   0414 718 564 (Danny)

         WEB : www.roswaltrailers.com.au


Aussie Swag Campers Logo


We’ve been manufacturing off-road campers since 1985. Through natural progression we improved our campers over the years and searched for new products and materials to improve their quality and durability. One such product we found was StyroMAX panels by StyroMAX. We use their StyroRV/LT panel for our roof/hard floor panel and we’re always surprised at the strength of what such a light weight panel can offer.

Thanks to the team at StyroMAX for producing such a wonderful product!

James Fernance.


Off Road Camper Of  The Year – 2012, 2013 & 2014

Cnr, Moonbi & Deakin Sts Brendale QLD, 4500

ABN :  85 114 804 223     PH :  (07) 3881 1903      FAX :   (07) 3881 1730

      WEB : www.aussieswag.com.au




At Varley Specialised Vehicles we have been using the StyroMAX Composite panel for many years and highly recommend the quality product produced by Steve and the guys. We require our panels to be very custom, and there is never a question about whether it can be done or not. These panels are an excellent way to insulate our vehicles, and produce a very professional final product for our customers.  VSV are very happy with the StyroMAX product, and continue to look at new ways we can utilise them in our own products.

Shaun East.


                  WEB : www.varleygroup.com/site/specialised-vehicles

Baj Air

For more than 10 years now BajAIR has both purchased and advised our clients of the longevity and the high quality of the StyroMAX panels. In this time we have seen no failures of any kind. We have also seen ongoing research and development of this product making StyroMAX what we believe is the best Australian manufactured panel. And I would also go as far to say one of the best I have seen in the world. For this reason we do not import the inferior Overseas bodies or panel.

Brett Johnson.


Transport Refrigeration Specialists

19 Abercrombie St, Rocklea QLD 4106

PH :  07 3848 6979     FAX :  (07) 3848 6269      A/H :   0417 761 299

      WEB : www.bajair.com.au

From: Charles Ford
Sent: Monday, 16 December 2013 8:57 PM
To: Steve Whitelock
Subject: Thank-you


G’day Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks  as you have been of great assistance to me in the building of my proto-type lowering caravan (patent pending).

  • Top product
  • Great team
  • Good advice
  • Anything possible (can do attitude)

is just a few things that come to mind when I think of StyroMAX.

Regards Charlie Ford.

IMG_2063 IMG_2077

From: Donald Hislop
Sent: Monday, 22 July 2013 4:18 PM
To: Steve Whitelock
Subject: RE: Our new Web site


Van is complete and presently at Broome on shake down trip, came across the Tanami track from Alice Springs to Halls Creek, 1000 kl of dirt,and no problems so far, will keep you informed.

You can use any photos you want, can send more if you require them, anyone wanting to call me about construction and the panel give them my mobile number or email address.

Great product and would not consider using anything else for van construction.

Don Hislop.


Recently Gibson Tru-Body were approached by a customer looking for a specialised service unit  that was insulated, stylish, that had clean lines and an ascetic appearance.

StyroMAX were able to help with one piece insulated fiberglass panels for both sides, front, back and roof. This made construction simple and gave the unit the clean look the customer was wanting, with no seams or joins.

The insulting properties were also welcomed by the end users, and it is certainly a product we would use again.

Gary Gibson.

Gibson Tru-Body

10 Mackie Way, Brendale Qld. 4500

PH :  07 3881 0188     FAX :  (07) 3881 0106   

      WEB : www.gibsontrubody.com.au/

From: James Eddie
Sent: Wednesday, 1 January 2014 12:53 PM
To: John Massey
Subject: Letter of appreciation.


John hi

Just writing a small letter of appreciation for all the help you have given me with your StyroTRAILER/RG product. From the first phone call I made there has been the most professional help given throughout. Your help in design and the follow up service is excellent. Nothing was a problem and was easily changed. I have already recommended people and will continue to recommend StyroMAX for any camping trailer, caravan or fifth wheeler needs. The pre-packaged panels I requested were exactly as the plans designed. The construction of my van with your StyroMAX panels could not have gone smoother. All extrusions were easy to use and was given more than enough to complete my van. The cut-outs for the windows and door for the van also was fantastic. It took more time to open the box for each window than it did to fit. So again thank you for all your time and professional help and look forward to making more vans in the future with your product.

 Kind Regards,

James Eddie


Ignite Fitouts & Interiors P/L

P.O. Box 7125 Loganholme Qld 4129

PH :  07 5547 6821    FAX :  (07) 5547 6812




“As a German manufacturer of fibreglass sheets we are proud suppliers to StyroMAX for many years.  With StyroMAX’s dedication to quality, versatility of their products and continuous drive for  innovation their  product solutions and our German made Polydet ®  fibreglass sheets are a perfect match and we feel honored to be their esteemed supplier ” …


Robert Garbe

Associate Director of Sales

& Export Sales Manager

  WEB : www.optiplan.eu