StyroGLASS/RG at 2.0mm thick, is our mid range fibreglass sheet and is available in either white or silver. Our RG range is also available in 12 different widths (silver only available in 2.5mtr). Sheet orders are cut off the roll so whether you need just 1 metre or would like a complete roll, StyroMAX can meet your needs! Please use the below chart to find the product that best suits you!

Please note, all fibreglass orders have a 24-48 hour turn-around time.

Pricing below is for sheeting cut from the roll. Please enquire for full roll pricing if required.

# Note: A small cut fee is charged per sheet. Shipping and handling fees are also applicable for interstate orders.

Can be used for:

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StyroGLASS/RG Specifications

 Product Thickness (mm) Width (mtr) Length (mtr) Weight(Kg / Sqm) Approx. Bend Radius Colour Price/sqm
StyroGLASS/RG1.85 2.0 1.85 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.03 2.0 2.03 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.13 2.0 2.13 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.18 2.0 2.18 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.25 2.0 2.25 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.43 2.0 2.43 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.53 2.0 2.53 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG2.53-G 2.0 2.53 0 > 79.0 2.8 100mm Silver RAL7035 $ 42.44
StyroGLASS/RG2.53-G-1 2.0 2.53 0 > 79.0 2.8 100mm Silver RAL7047 $ 42.44
StyroGLASS/RG2.53-G-2 2.0 2.53 0 > 79.0 2.8 100mm Stone Grey RAL7030 $ 42.44
StyroGLASS/RG3.03 2.0 3.03 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35
StyroGLASS/RG3.23 2.0 3.23 0 > 59.0 2.8 100mm White RAL9016 $ 39.35




Optiplan GmbH who manufacture our StyroGLASS/LT and StyroGLASS/RG range of fibreglass flat sheeting, have one continuous and four discontinuous production lines at their site in Oelsnitz/Germany. Unique worldwide, this enables them to benefit from the advantages of both manufacturing methods at a single site from a single source. Their expertise of over 50 years in manufacturing and developing glass fibre reinforced plastics, assures us the highest, consistent quality and individual service. Optiplan GmbH is known as an exceptionally innovative company and always a pioneer in new and further developments of their products. The proof for this is demonstrated by the numerous new products and patents. To Optiplan, innovation does not only mean the development of new, groundbreaking products, but also equally to continually improve existing products, production processes and services, in order to continuously provide us with a maximum of market driven solutions.


  • Smooth High Gloss Finish (White or Silver)
  • UV Resistant
  • Paintable
  • Low Weight Compared To Metal Sheeting

Can be used for:

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What is the difference between fibreglass sheet and StyroMAX panel?

StyroMAX Panel is a sandwich panel utilising extruded polystyrene as a core. A fibreglass sheet is just a lining that is used to clad the styrofoam board. The fibreglass sheeting is in most cases added to both sides of the polystyrene.

How long are the fibreglass sheets?

The length of StyroGLASS/RG ranges from 0- 79 metres.


What do you recommend I should use to cut StyroGLASS sheets? Can they be cut with a hand saw or jig saw etc.?

Yes they can but they will tend to chip the fibreglass edge. A fibreglass router bit or a grinder with a cut off blade is best.


Are StyroGLASS sheets a finished panel or do final coatings need to be applied after assembly?

No final coatings are needed. They are high gloss to both faces.


Will the StyroGLASS product bend around curves without cracking or damaging the gel coat?

Yes, our 2mm or 2.4mm product will bend around a radius.


Would fibreglass sheeting be ok for the roof and walls of a wooden frame caravan?

Yes. Use either StyroGLASS/RG or StyroGLASS/HD for this application.