About StyroMAX

StyroMAX was formed in 1998 and is part of a group of companies that focus on manufacturing for the transport industry and have done so for well over thirty years.

Located at Darra in Brisbane, we are a specialist designer and manufacturer of fibreglass composite insulated panels. Our capabilities extend across a wide range of applications for the RV and transport industries such as mobile homes, caravans, trailers and truck bodies. We also manufacture panels for the boating, building and construction industries to just about any job that requires an insulated composite panel.


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Depending on your application, an existing product solution may be available as a “standard item” in our range, alternatively, a dedicated design manufactured to individual customer requirements is also possible taking into account, the weight, strength, durability, thermal properties and the economy of construction.

We aim to offer you the best solution possible for your panel needs along with the best quality and competitive price.

What We Do

StyroMAX offers a wide range of services to complement any application that utilizes our fibreglass insulated composite panels.

If it’s just panels you need we offer a wide variety of thicknesses, heights, lengths and strengths for any application from mobile homes, caravans, toy haulers, race-car trailers, off-road campers, truck bodies and just about any other application requiring an insulated composite panel.

You have three options when choosing StyroMAX panels….


  • Fully trimmed flat pack:

Panels are cut to size in length, width and or height including all window, door and hatch cut outs. As your panels will be CNC cut we have to prepare CAD drawing files to upload to our state of the art CNC profile centre. From you, we require 3D step files or fully detailed hand drawn sketches for us to convert (for a fee) to the required file type.


  • Untrimmed flat pack:

Supplied slightly over length in any of our standard widths (2.0mtr, 2.5mtr, 3.0mtr & 3.2mtr). No CNC cutting is available with this option. In choosing your width please allow a reduction in overall width of up to 25mm due to the manufacturing process.


  • Fully trimmed with accessories:

We can also supply a great range of Aussie Traveller or Coast to Coast accessories such as windows, doors, hatches and vents and much much more.


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Our People

Our staff are the heart of StyroMAX and our greatest asset, we depend on them to help us gain and build a competitive edge in a very competitive industry. It is through the success of our staff that StyroMAX continues to grow and do great things. Our staffs’ strong values are based on providing our customers with the very best in service, products and advice. StyroMAX offers its staff the ability to work in diverse roles, to be challenged and learn new skills. We are focused on ensuring our staff can be involved in the future of StyroMAX and look for exciting new opportunities to allow them to grow and prosper.

Samantha Massey

Samantha Massey

Sales Director – StyroMAX Australia

Samantha Massey has spent the last 16 years working predominantly in the manufacturing section in South East QLD within the disciplines of WHS, QA, and HR. Since 2010 Samantha has worked with Cascade Australia, a global manufacturer of forklift attachments, and has been an Industry Standing Committee member for WHSQ. In 2017 Samantha finished her MBA majoring in Strategic HRM and plans to continue to study in the field of applied finance.

John - Resize

John Massey

Managing Director – StyroMAX Australia

John started his career in 1989 in the fresh produce industry. Having a passion with anything that has wheels, it wasn’t long before John found a new career in the automotive industry. Whilst managing a busy southside automotive air-conditioning workshop, in 1997 he made a move to Cooltemp to satisfy his need to be surrounded by perfection. Employed in the design department, John spent his days designing automotive air-conditioning systems and components whilst at nights he was studying computer-aided-design, a role in which he later moved into within Cooltemp. In 2008 John worked in Thailand facilitating the relocation of the Cooltemp production line. In 2009 he returned to Australia and took up a role with his former Cooltemp employers to manage StyroMAX. John’s attention to detail and passion for perfection helps give StyroMAX a leading edge. Actively involved in the sales and marketing of StyroMAX, he also takes care of the CAD requirements.


“Surely, there has to be a better insulated panel someplace”. That was the plea from our Truck Body building division way back in 1998. Being frustrated with the lack of a good quality transport panel supplier in Australia, there was only one thing to do and that was to take control of the manufacturing of insulated panels ourselves, and so we did.

A new company was founded in 1998 which we named “StyroMAX”. The first task for the new company was to seek out the latest in panel technology and it was not to be found in Australia.

After several visits to Europe, it was there that we found our panel manufacturing process… Styrofoam, from Dow Corporation America, European continuous length high gloss lightweight fibreglass sheet combined with a new European bonding technology was the perfect solution.

With a commitment for a multimillion dollar investment the first transport insulated panel for the truck industry was manufactured the following year in 1999. By the close of 2001, we had diversified into other areas such as mobile homes, caravans and RV applications.

The very same technology discovered in 1998 is still used by StyroMAX today with a successful record of over 1000 composite panels produced each year.