StyroCUSTOM 600 x 338

StyroCUSTOM panels by StyroMAX are custom designed panels for speciality built truck bodies and fixed structures.

Being 100% custom manufactured, they can feature internal steel frames bonded within the panel for large slide-out or fold-out sectional support or even a modular steel frame bonded to the internal face of the panel. Please contact us to discuss your specific panel requirements.


Can be used for:

  • Motorsport Transporters
  • Fixed Accommodation Camps
  • Mobile Accommodation Camps
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Service Bodies
  • Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Customer Service Centres
  • Outside Broadcast Vehicles
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How is the panel price calculated?

A StyroMAX Panel is calculated by the manufactured square metre which includes a small amount of waste and also includes CNC cutting time. CAD converting (3D modelling if not supplied), panel inserts, body trimming and body accessories are at extra cost. Packaging and freight is also at extra cost. For a more accurate quote we’d need some dimensioned sketches from you of each panel required.

What does a StyroMAX Panel weigh?

StyroMAX Panels weigh between 5.86 and 8.46kg. Please refer to the specifications chart for more details.


What is the maximum size panel you can manufacture?

Panels can be manufactured to a maximum length of 14.4mtr and maximum width of 3.2mtr.

Do you have any other colours other than white?

Yes, we have a few shades of silver grey available. More information can be found on the StyroGLASS/RG page.

Do you need CAD drawing to manufacture?

Yes, we require 3D Step files for production.

I don’t have CAD, but can provide a highly detailed pencil sketch, can you put into CAD?

Yes, we have a CAD conversion service which a fee is applicable.

I live interstate. Can you ship panels to me?

Yes, we can ship Australia- wide. Please note skid pallet, packing and freight charges apply.

Do you ship or sell overseas?

No, unfortunately we only sell and distribute Australia- wide.

How can I run wires inside of my panels?

With the use of StyroMAX Panel Inserts. Our range and pricing can be found under ‘Panel Inserts’ in our products section.

How do I mount my awning to a StyroMAX Panel?

You can either bolt through the panel if the mounting hardware can be hidden on the inside or if not ‘StyroPLATES’ can be used under the outer skin for non- bolt through mounting. StyroPLATE pricing can be found under ‘Panel Inserts’ in our products section.

What is the difference between fibreglass sheet and a StyroMAX panel?

StyroMAX Panel is a sandwich panel utilising extruded polystyrene as a core. A fibreglass sheet is just a lining that is used to clad the styrofoam board. The fibreglass sheeting is in most cases added to both sides of the polystyrene.

Can I paint the panels?

Yes, but dark colours are not advised.

How flammable is the panel? Will it easily catch fire?

What happens if the panel gets damaged? Can repairs be carried out?

Yes repairs can be carried out by a reputable fibreglass repairer such as a boat or RV repair business.

Do you do any repairs to the glass skin?

No we do not carry out repairs.

Can I purchase raw panel without CNC cutting?

Yes, uncut panel can be purchased.

Can I vinyl wrap the panel?

Yes, but dark colours are not advised.

I want to enquire about your products but I am interstate. Do you have an outlet other than Brisbane?

No, unfortunately our only factory is located in Darra, Queensland.


What is the life expectancy of the product/ glues etc. in an off- road environment?

Our product will outlast the tow vehicle!


How are the rear doors hung and could I mount a spare wheel on the door?

Doors can be hung within the panel using StyroSEAL/HD. If a full width and height door is desired you need to utilise a ‘rear bow’ frame configuration.

Can this product be incorporated into a steel frame build?

Yes, steel framed structures can be filled with the StyroFOAM, then cladded with fibreglass.

Can someone assist/ guide me with choosing the correct hatch opening mouldings/ profile, hinges and seals etc.?

Yes, we can assist with this.

What is the average turnaround time for the manufacturing of each panel?

Generally 2- 3 weeks but this is industry demand based and will change. Please contact us for our latest lead time.


Do you have a special lightweight panel for internal cabinetry?

No, we only manufacture thicker panels for external or internal partition walls.


Is it possible to get an offcut or a sample to test around the bends?

Yes, please contact us for further details.


Would fibreglass sheeting be ok for the roof and walls of a wooden frame caravan?

Yes. Use either StyroGLASS/RG or StyroGLASS/HD for this application.


What is the standard surface finish?

High gloss gelcoat.