25 x 30 I-Beam

This 2mm thick e-coated steel plate measures 150mm x 300mm. Pockets are machined into the Styrofoam allowing for the fitment of the plate during the panel lamination process. Tapping plates are used for the mounting of leaf & butt type hinges but can also be used for the mounting of other accessories such as awnings, roof racks and other high stress components. Tapping plates can be placed under the FRP sheet skin, either towards the inside face or the outside face of a panel. Custom sized plates can be cut and inserted if requested.

PRICE: $8.11/plate.

NOTE: Inserts can only be purchased with a StyroMAX panel – Not for individual sale.

Recommended Tips:

  • Download the technical drawing.
  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)