StyroSTRUT-HD 600 x 338


StyroSTRUT/HD is a 2.5mm thick CNC punched and bent mounting bracket to suit our StyroSEAL/HD trim. It features five 4.5mm mounting holes which are designed to position themselves within the extrusion ports. It also features a 9mm hole for the mounting of a typical 8mm strut mounting bolt. Each bracket is finished in powder-coat white and is also supplied with pop rivets.

PRICE: $7.45/each.

NOTE: Strut mounting brackets can only be purchased with a StyroMAX panel – Not for individual sale. A current STMA production job number must be supplied in order for you to purchase.

Can be used with:

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Recommended Tips:

  • Download the technical drawing.
  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)
  • See gallery for applications.