StyroLOCK-MED 600 x 338

This direct imported Takigen zinc alloy one-touch adjustable catch for airtightness is finished in satellite chrome plating. This flush mount catch only protrudes 4mm past the door panels face. Fine adjustment of the door tightness can be made with the adjustment screw. Lockable with a reversible key and dust-proof shutter, a waterproof seal is also provided by the rubber mounting gasket. We also manufacture a mounting kit for this lock that compliments our StyroSEAL/LT hatch door extrusion.

PRICE: StyroLOCK/MED $91.30/kit.

NOTE: StyroLOCK’s can only be purchased with a StyroMAX panel – Not for individual sale. A current STMA production job number must be supplied in order for you to purchase.

Kit includes:

  • Lock;
  • Mounting screw;
  • Cover plate;
  • Keys;
  • Catch striker plate and;
  • Mounting hardware.

Recommended Tips:

  • Download the technical drawing.
  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)
  • See gallery for applications.