StyroPOP-TOP 600 x 338

StyroPOP-TOP is a two-piece aluminium extrusion kit used for creating a canvas sided pop-top roof. The extrusion is sold in kit form at either 4.0mtr or 4.8mtr lengths which is complete with upper and lower profiles, extrusion joiners, rubber seal and the spline for the canvas. StyroPOP-TOP is available in two kit lengths, 4.0mtr and 4.8mtr. The 4.0mtr kit is suitable for builds with an overall body length up to 4.0mtrs long and up to 2.4mtrs wide, and the 4.8mtr kits are suitable for builds with an overall body length up to 4.8mtrs and up to 2.4mtrs wide. The extrusions have a powdercoated finish and are available in either black or white. Both the upper and lower profiles have a groove for canvas sock mounting. The lower profile is a perfect fit to our StyroRV panel and adds tremendous strength to the upper body shell. The upper profile has a flange which is used for the roof panel bonding. Please note we do not supply the canvas, we recommend sourcing this from your local fabric supplier.


StyroPOP-TOP 4.0: $1445.00/kit.

(Includes 2 x 4mtr lengths of upper & lower profile & 1 x 4.8mtr length of upper & lower profile, joiners, 13m rubber seal + 26m canvas spline)

StyroPOP-TOP 4.8: $1575.00/kit.

(Includes 3 x 4.8mtr lengths of upper & lower profile, joiners, 15m rubber seal + 30m canvas spline)

Recommended Tips:

  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)
  • See gallery for applications.

StyroPOP-TOP by StyroMAX

Can I Buy a Composite Roof Panel for My Pop Top Roof?

Yes, you can!  One option is StyroPANEL, where you can order composite panels customised to your specifications. Ensure you include any necessary items like pultrusions to support an AC unit in your panel design.

Can I Install an AC Unit on a Caravan Pop Top Roof?

Absolutely! Lightweight AC units weighing between 30-40 kgs are ideal for pop-top roofs. We recommend installing pultrusions inside the composite roof panel on each side of the AC cut-out hole. This provides both strength to support the AC unit and a duct for running the 240-volt cable.

Where Do I Attach the Pop Top Lifters?

Typically, customers install the lifters in the middle of each side or each end. These lifters neatly fit into the top and bottom pop-top extrusions.

Do I Need 2 or 4 Lifters for My Pop Top Kit?

The number of lifters required depends on the weight they need to lift. Calculate the total weight to be supported by the lifters, including the pop-top kit, composite roof panel, skirt, and any additional items like an AC unit. It’s generally advisable to start with 2 lifters on the long sides and add more if needed.

How Do I Attach the Pop Top Kit to the Side Walls?

The pop-top kit’s lower profile is designed to slide onto a vertical 29 mm panel (the wall). Ensure that the height of the top of all four walls is the same so that the lower profile slides down equally on all sides and is horizontal. If your front panel is at an angle or rolled, install a return of approximately 50 mm (vertical section) into the pop-top profile and ensure the height of the other three walls matches.

How Do I Work Out What I Need for My Pop Top Kit?

For a rectangular pop-top roof, you’ll need a bottom extrusion that fits over a vertical wall panel (28-29 mm thick) and a top extrusion that attaches to the roof panel. These extrusions are connected using pop-top corner joiner kits, creating a robust frame at the top and bottom of your pop-top.

– StyroPOP-TOP 4.0 is suitable for pop-top sizes up to 4.0m long and 2.4m wide.

– StyroPOP-TOP 4.8 suits pop-top sizes up to 4.8m long and 2.4m wide.

– Individual lengths of pop-top extrusions may be available for smaller projects.

How Do I Calculate the Size of the Roof Panel Required?

The edge of the roof panel is typically marked at approximately 71mm from the outer edge of the pop-top top profile. Measure from the outer skin of the side-wall to determine the width of the roof panel required. Order the roof panel slightly oversize in case your pop-top isn’t perfectly square when assembled.