StyroPOP-TOP 600 x 338

StyroPOP-TOP is a two piece aluminium extrusion used for creating a canvas sided pop-top roof. The extrusion is sold in kit form at either 4.0mtr or 4.8mtr lengths which is complete with upper and lower profiles, extrusion joiners and rubber seal. The extrusions have a powder-coated finish and is available in either black or white. Both the upper and lower profiles have a groove for canvas sock mounting. The lower profile is a perfect fit to our StyroRV panel and adds tremendous strength to the upper body shell. The upper profile has a flange which is used for the roof panel bonding.


StyroPOP-TOP 4.0 $1364.00/kit.

(Includes 2 x 4mtr lengths of upper & lower profile & 1 x 4.8mtr length of upper & lower profile, joiners + rubber seal)

StyroPOP-TOP 4.8 $1496.00/kit.

(Includes 3 x 4.8mtr lengths of upper & lower profile, joiners + rubber seal)

*Please note, we do not keep the Pop-Top kits in stock, so please allow a minumum of 10 business days to receive your order.

Recommended Tips:

  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)
  • See gallery for applications.

StyroPOP-TOP by StyroMAX

Do you supply roof materials for the Pop-Top roof sections (that will mount to the Pop- Top channel)?

Yes, a roof panel can be purchased separately with StyroPOP-TOP kits.


Is the Pop- Top kit what you use for a hinged tilt up roof?

Yes, you could hinge with a Pop- Top kit.