25 x 45 Pultrusion

This 25 x 45 fibreglass pultruded beam manufactured from isophthalic polyester resin is generally used in a roof panel as a strengthening beam for either side of an air-conditioner, it can also be used in side walls for mass cable and plumbing routing. In composite floor panels, it’s used as panel reinforcement in high foot traffic areas. Ideal for use with 25 & 45mm styrofoam but can also be used with our other thicknesses of styrofoam.

PRICE: $85.80/5mtr length.

NOTE: Inserts can only be purchased with a StyroMAX panel – Not for individual sale.

Recommended Tips:

  • Plan your build carefully to work out conduit positions.
  • Download the technical drawing.
  • Download the DXF file.
  • Download the 3D solid model. (.step)




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